It's a Frog's Life

After learning all about the life cycle of the frog, we read some stories about frogs. Then we discussed some facts about frogs and what they look like. 

The Primary 1 and 2 children worked very hard at planning what they were going to write,

and produced some great sentences about frogs!

Procedural writing

As part of our Bears topic, the pupils in P1/2 were learning how to follow a set of instructions.  Together, they looked at a powerpoint on 'How to make honey sandwiches'.

The most exciting part was making the honey sandwiches....

...or was it eating them??!!

The Primary 1's put instruction pictures in the correct order.

The Primary 2's matched the pictures to the correct instruction and filled in the missing words.

Primary 1 get started with Jolly Phonics

Tricky Business!

Primary 2 getting to grips with their tricky words.