Adding 1

Primary 1 have made it to number 10!! Well done!!

Full Up!!!

Primary 1 and 2 learning about capacity

P1/2 Length

Data Handling

We have been learning how to record information.

After Pancake Day we made a human bar graph of the different toppings that P1/2 chose to put on their pancake.

Then we made a bar pictogram to show the different colours of hair in P1/2.

££    Money    ££

We are learning all about money.

We explored money at lots of different stations.

It was great fun!


Miss Rainey talked to us about money and we learnt about all the different coins. We put them in order from smallest in value to the largest.

We listened to Miss Rainey read 'The Great Pet Sale' by Mick Inkpen

At station 1, we used money to buy items at the supermarket.

At station 2, we used numicon to explore the variety of ways we can make different sums of money.

At station 3, we searched for coins in the sand tray.

At station 4, we used coins to make different sums of money to buy pets.

At station 5, we used the interactive whiteboard to sort different coins into the money box.

We have been having great fun exploring and experimenting with our new numeracy resource!


Sorting It Out!

Fun with Numbers