Using Mathematics

Primary 1 Numeracy

Learning how to put Numicon in order.

Next, we had to put one stacker in each hole of every tile to develop our one-to-one correspondence.

Then we got to do it with conkers!

Beginning to learn about numbers.

Primary 2 Numeracy

Primary 2 have been learning how to add on 1, add on 2 and having a go at making their own calculations.



We began our topic of length by picking long and short items out of the magic jar.

Primary 1 learned that 'length' is the distance between 'here' and 'there'.

They had to choose objects and sort them into groups of 'long' and 'short'. Then one object was put in the centre and they had to decide if the other objects were 'longer than' or 'shorter than' it. 

Primary 2 explored 'long, longer, longest' and 'short, shorter, shortest'.

Everyone made patterns using different lengths of Cuisenaire rods.

Then they had to make a pattern for their partner to copy.


       Primary 1 beginning to explore Numicon

Primary 2 doing some revision work

and beginning work on doubles of numbers.

3D Shape

Primary 1 and 2 have been learning about 3D shape. They have been investigating shapes that roll and don't roll.

The P1s have been learning the names of 3D shapes and grouping them together.

P2s went on a shape hunt around the classroom and learned about sorting 3D shapes into shapes that are cylinders/not cylinders, cubes/not cubes.