'The Journey of Milk' 

During this first term we have been learning all about the farm.  We know that cows give us milk but how does the milk get from the cow to the shop?   

We explored this question during a number of lessons. As an initial stimulus, Miss Rainey showed us four pictures all to do with the production of milk.  As a class, we discussed what might be happening in each picture. Then, we put the pictures into order.  Following this, each of us sequenced the journey of milk in a cut and stick style activity. 

We used a circle map to note down key points about the production of milk.  Miss Rainey helped us by modelling a circle map on the board and then we completed our own versions.

Using the information from our circle maps, we started to plan our report.   Together, we highlighted three main ideas about the journey of milk.  We also talked about our opening and closing sentences.   Phew! This planning is hard work! 

We talked to a friend about the things that Miss Rainey would like to see in our writing.  Our ideas included using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.  We set to work writing our report about the journey of milk. We used our planning to help us structure our writing. 

Miss Rainey is very proud of our hard work.