Have you seen these people?!  We have been continuing to develop our creative writing skills through our third topic, 'Safe and Sound.'  

We paired up with a friend and noted down some of their characteristics using a Bubble Map.   We used our planners to help us write a description of our partner.    We read our descriptions out to our peers and challenged them to guess who we were describing! 

Talking and Listening

'My Car Design'

In order to develop our skills in Language and Literacy, Miss Rainey invited some volunteers to the front of the room to read their piece of creative writing to the rest of the class.  This helped us to improve our talking and listening skills and also aided in developing the confidence of the reader.  We really enjoyed listening to our friends read to us.


'If I Built A Car...'

  Our class have been letting their imaginations run wild in Creative Writing. Miss Rainey read the book 'If I Built a Car' by Van Dusen.  We loved the story of how Jack designed his own fantasy car.  We took inspiration from this story to design our own whacky cars...

As a class, we talked about the features of normal cars.  We went to the school carpark to look at the different cars.  We talked about their shape, colour, size and the various features.  On returning to the classroom, Miss Rainey showed us pictures of some quirky, futuristic cars and we discussed their appearance in our groups. 

Using a circle map, we noted down all the features of our own weird and wonderful car design.  We put this information into a flow map. We will use our flow map to help us to structure our piece of Creative Writing. Stay tuned to read all about the cars of the future...


'My Bicycle'

In our second topic we have been learning all about transport.  We know that there are many different types of transport but our favourite is the bicycle. Everybody in our class can ride a bicycle but our bicycles are all very different.

In our descriptive writing, we told Miss Rainey what our bicycles look like, what features they have and what they can do.  We used a circle map and a flow map to help us with our planning.  These planners helped us to structure our writing.


'The Journey of Milk' 

During this first term we have been learning all about the farm.  We know that cows give us milk but how does the milk get from the cow to the shop?   

We explored this question during a number of lessons. As an initial stimulus, Miss Rainey showed us four pictures all to do with the production of milk.  As a class, we discussed what might be happening in each picture. Then, we put the pictures into order.  Following this, each of us sequenced the journey of milk in a cut and stick style activity. 

We used a circle map to note down key points about the production of milk.  Miss Rainey helped us by modelling a circle map on the board and then we completed our own versions.

Using the information from our circle maps, we started to plan our report.   Together, we highlighted three main ideas about the journey of milk.  We also talked about our opening and closing sentences.   Phew! This planning is hard work! 

We talked to a friend about the things that Miss Rainey would like to see in our writing.  Our ideas included using capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.  We set to work writing our report about the journey of milk. We used our planning to help us structure our writing. 

Miss Rainey is very proud of our hard work.