P3 and 4 went to the cinema to see Coco.  We had a great time!

Hot Chocolate

We are learning how to write a procedure in literacy.  We made some hot chocolate and then wrote up our procedure explaining the ingredients we needed and the steps we took to make it.

Santa Letters

We wrote letters to Santa and one day before Christmas a friendly postman came to collect them.  We stamped the corner of each envelope and gave them to the postman to deliver!  

During PDMU we discussed what we would do if....



Grandma's Quilt

We read a book called Grandma's Patchwork Quilt.  It was about a Grandma who made a quilt using old scraps of material to remind her about her special memories.  Each of us made our own patchwork quilt using wrapping paper. Inside the quilt we wrote about our special memories.

We used some key words about space to create our own space sentences. 

Phonic Games

We had fun playing games to reinforce our phonics.