Using Mathematics


Mental Maths 

Every Maths lesson begins with Mental Maths.  The Mental Maths activities are designed to get us thinking about Maths.  These short activities help our concentration levels, increase our confidence and develop our understanding.  You can find us doing Mental Maths inside and outside our school!


In P2, we are learning to recognise and record our double facts up to 5.  Together with our friends, we have been using Numicon to help us visualise and develop an understanding of the double facts.  We traced around the Numicon to help us record the double facts in our Number Books and we can even record the facts in written form.  Miss Rainey is so impressed with us! 

Number Bonds

In P3/4, we are learning number bond facts. Number bonds are sets of simple addition sums that make a given number. We have been focusing on the number bonds of 5, 6 and 7.   Together with our friends, we have been using Numicon in a number of practical activities to help us visualise the number bonds and develop our understanding of the facts.   In our Maths Books, we have recorded the number bonds by cutting and sticking the appropriate Numicon pieces.  Miss Rainey is delighted with our learning!