Discrimination: ‘‘the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people.’’

 As part of our topic during PDMU we had a debate discussing discrimination on board the Titanic. We split ourselves into two groups, with one person speaking at a time to voice their opinion. It was interesting to hear both sides of the debate and hear how the First, Second and Third class passengers were treated. Miss Farquhar was very impressed by our level of maturity and ability to convey sensible thoughts.

During PDMU we have been learning about what it means to live in a culturally diverse world. We have learnt that diversity is a good thing and as a result we have a wide variety of food, sports and customs. To portray such differences we worked in groups to teach one another about a country of our choice and how that country is unique. Miss Farquhar allowed us to select the means by which we presented our knowledge to the rest of the class, and as it turns out we are a diverse class, as some children choose a PowerPoint, others a poem whilst one group decided to do a song and dance!