2017 to 2018

In Talking and Listening we had a debate about whether children should be allowed to work before the age of 15.  This was in view of our topic, "The Victorians", when children as young as 5 were expected to work in mines, mills, factories etc. to earn money for the family.  We really enjoyed this experience and made some very good points for and against. 

The final result was: 20 for

                                 9 against

Tuesday 6th Feb was Internet Safety Day so we spent some time discussing how to keep safe on line and then we explored CEOP - a child safety website designed by the police. 

In Literacy we have been doing research, about poor Victorian children and the jobs they had to do, in preparation for story writing.

During our Talking and Listening lessons we have been thinking about children's rights and our responsibility to others as a result of them.  We have also looked at how children's rights have developed, in Great Britain, over the years as a result of influential people like Dr Barnardo and Lord Shaftesbury.

Pancake Tuesday

P6 and P7 made pancakes and then wrote the procedure.