Using Mathematics

Mental Maths is an important part of our Numeracy curriculum and almost everyday we spend some time on improving our skills and learning new strategies.  Mental Maths games are a popular and excellent way to do this.

P6/7 having been investigating Symmetry.  Some were working out what happened to the co-ordinates of shapes when they were reflected horizontally, vertically and diagonally.  They made hypotheses and then tested them to see if they were correct.  Others were learning to reflect shapes along a horizontal or vertical line of symmetry and discussed what had happened to the reflected shape.

P7 have been looking at rotational symmetry and investigating how many times a shape or design lands on itself in a full turn. 

P7 investigated the symmetry, both rotational and reflective, of Rangoli designs.  These are patterns which are used very much in the Hindu culture.  They then had a go at creating their own.

The P7s were investigating how to find the area of parallelograms.

We have been learning about area, using squared centimetres. We drew around various shapes and approximated the surface area.  

We are learning to understand and use fractions.  Recently we have been learning how to make equivalent fractions.

We also enjoyed playing the computer game "Equivalent Fractions Match".  Mrs Crowe is very impressed with us!

P6 investigated the various nets of a cube.  

We then recorded & discussed our findings. 

P7 are learning to construct 3D shapes using various mathematical equipment

Our finished pieces of work: