Making Patterns

Money, money, money!

Primary 1 and 2 have been very busy learning about money. They participated in lots of different activities: making amounts of money, cut and stick ordering activity, finding coins using the Beebot, online games and games on the interactive whiteboard. We also read the story of The Great Pet Sale and learnt a new song called ‘Money, money, what’s it for?’. Have a look at some of the pictures below and scroll to the bottom to hear our new song!


We looked at patterns we might see in the world around us.

What comes next in the pattern?

P2 making patterns using 2 colours and then trying it with 3 colours.

P1 Continuing patterns using compare bears.

P2 continuing patterns and creating their own.

P1 completing an autumn cut and stick pattern activity.

P1 working on their 2 colour patterns.


Primary 1 have been learning to sort materials that look the same. Another criteria was applied - can roll and can not roll.

They have also been sorting smaller objects into sets that look the same.

Primary 2 have been busy too, learning how to sort according to shape, colour and other criteria that allows them to make sets.

Number work

Primary 1 and 2 have been completing lots of different number activities.