Using Mathematics

Learning about Length

Primary 1


Primary 2

It's TIME to learn in P1/2

The class had to think about and sort activities that we would do in the daytime or at night.

Everyone made their own clock faces for our display.

The children then had to think about their daily routine, the different activities they carry out every day and put them in the right order.

Primary 1 and 2 have been exploring the topic of 3D shape. We started by looking at a powerpoint of different shapes and objects.

Next, the P1s sorted out everyday materials in the junk art box while the P2s sorted the shapes from the 3D shape box. P2 also talked about the similarities and differences between the different shapes.

The children completed a cut and stick sorting activity.

Miss Rainey's class did an excellent job pairing up with the P1/2s, taking them on a 3D shape hunt around the school and helping them to fill in their recording chart.

The final activity required the children to identify the 3D shapes and colour them according to the colour code.

P1 Sorting

P1 Matching