In order to begin our Christmas celebrations we listened to the Nativity story and then Mrs Small put us into partners and each pair was given a picture of the story. The children had to write a sentence about their image which was then put together to complete the story in the right order. Then each pair read their sentence out to the class. Mrs Small was impressed with how clear P3/4's reading is and how much our sentence writing has improved!

Story Sequencing

Linked with our 'Let's Celebrate' topic we have been learning all about the story of Guy Fawkes. Mrs Small told us how he committed treason against his country in an attempt to kill King James 1st and as a result he (and his conspirators) were executed. We all found the TRUE story very interesting.


Our task was then to sequence the story in order, using a word map, our own knowledge and a word bank to help us. Keep an eye out for the finished piece of work.