Brrr.... it's cold!


We learnt that Inuits live in  Igloos at the Arctic. We found this fascinating and decided that we would not like to be an Inuit living in the Arctic as we would be too cold! It made us appreciate our lives in Northern Ireland all the more!  

We made igloos out of empty containers, toilet roll tubes and cotton balls.

We have been learning about the Northern Lights. Mrs Small showed us photos of the Northern Lights from around the world, they are really beautiful! We then used oil pastels to create our own pictures. We enjoyed using the blending technique to make our pictures look realistic and we are really proud of our work.

Come and have a look at our final display outside our classroom.

Our new topic is all about the Arctic. We have enjoyed learning new facts About Arctic animals, people who live in the Arctic and how to survive in the cold weather conditions.


Play based learning is a very important part of Key Stage 1 and we have had fun exploring the Arctic through play. So far we have enjoyed role play, making ice lollies, playing in the small world, amongst others! Have a look at our photos below to see us learning through play and keep checking this page for regular updates!