In P3/4 we have been learning lots of interesting facts about minibeasts and have produced some beautiful art and craft work. We hope the photos on this page will give you a little sample of what we’ve been doing and learning.

We learned that some minibeasts are insects. That means they have a head, thorax and abdomen as well as 6 legs. The photos above show us sorting minibeasts into 2 categories -insects/not insects.

Learning how to use a classifying diagram and interpret pictograms.

We even went on a minibeast hunt around the school grounds. We found spiders, woodlouse, flies, butterflies and worms.

The P4s researched dangerous minibeasts from around the world and then told us what they found out. Thankfully none of the minibeasts they found out about live in N. Ireland!!


We were discussing interdependence:

- how we depend on minibeasts pollinating plants

- how minibeasts provide food for other creatures

- how minibeasts provide us with food (honey) and materials (silk)