Outer Space


This week we were learning all about the moon. We made moon pictures by mixing paint with flour to create a 'rough' effect which resembles the moon in real life.

Ask us about the new facts which we have learnt!

We got to make moon treats to see what type of food astronauts would eat in space. They were yummy!! 

A very important part of Key Stage One is Structured Play. There are a variety of stations set up and the children go around each of them learning something new; for example, role play, cooking, art and design, reading and writing.

Have a look through the photos to see what the children have been getting up to and keep an eye out for all updates as they each make their way around all the stations.

To begin our new and very first topic of the year, Outerspace, we had a special visitor who came into our class with a huge telescope and other pieces of equipment to show us how to look at the stars and planets in our universe. We all very much enjoyed listening to all the amazing facts of our universe and we loved getting the opportunity to look into the telescope; however we couldn't see any stars because it was during the day.. but who knows, perhaps in the winter time we will get another chance to look through the telescope when its dark?!