Shape and Space

2D Shape/Measure

Group 1

Recognise, describe and sort 2D shapes: circle, square, rectangle, triangle, pentagon, hexagon, octagon and semi-circle

Construct 2D shapes


Group 2

Distinguish between regular and non-regular polygons

Sort one collection of polygons in different ways


Group 1

Use a right-angle tester to identify right angles

Recognise right angles in the environment 

Understand angle as a measure of turn

Some angles are bigger than/smaller than a right angle – introduce sharp and blunt angles


Group 2

Make angles practically

Sort and classify angles as greater than (blunt or obtuse), less than (sharp or acute) or equal to a right-angle

Recognise these angles in 2-D

Group 1

a) Revise and extend work on cubes, cuboids, spheres and cylinders

b) Recognise and describe pyramids and cones

c) Use and interpret the terms ‘faces’, ‘edges’ and ‘corners’

Group 2

a) Recognise some prisms

b) Describe 3-D shapes using some mathematical terms

c) Recognise the ‘net’ of a shape