As part of our first topic, 'Me - Designer Made' we have been planning and drafting an autobiography. Initially, Miss Rainey asked us to think of and describe an imaginary character and we used a circle map to present our chosen adjectives. Following this, our partner had to draw the imaginary character using only the adjectives presented on our circle map. This enjoyable activity highlighted the importance of using various, interesting adjectives within our writing.

After, we read extracts taken from biographies of different famous people. We discussed the differences between an autobiography and a biography and discovered that we must use the first person pronoun in our autobiography.  Miss Rainey challenged us to convert the extracts to the first person pronoun. 

Then, we started to plan our autobiographies using a circle map and a sequencing map. Once we had discussed and decided upon the success criteria, we started to construct our first draft. We plan to type our final draft onto a word document for display purposes.