Diary Entry 


We have been working hard planning, drafting and typing a topic-related diary entry.   Firstly, we spent time looking at examples of diary entries. In pairs, we discussed the different elements needed when writing a diary entry and as a whole class we decided upon our success criteria. After, we researched the day Titanic set sail and the day it sank.  We recorded any important information on circle maps and used this to construct a sequencing map.   Using our planners, we carefully constructed our diary entry and typed our final draft on the computer. 



As part of our first topic, 'Me - Designer Made' we have been planning and drafting an autobiography. Initially, Miss Rainey asked us to think of and describe an imaginary character and we used a circle map to present our chosen adjectives. Following this, our partner had to draw the imaginary character using only the adjectives presented on our circle map. This enjoyable activity highlighted the importance of using various, interesting adjectives within our writing.

After, we read extracts taken from biographies of different famous people. We discussed the differences between an autobiography and a biography and discovered that we must use the first person pronoun in our autobiography.  Miss Rainey challenged us to convert the extracts to the first person pronoun. 

Then, we started to plan our autobiographies using a circle map and a sequencing map. Once we had discussed and decided upon the success criteria, we started to construct our first draft. We plan to type our final draft onto a word document for display purposes.

PDMU - Emotions 

Talking & Listening 

Through drama-styled activities, we have been exploring the various emotions which we can feel. After a discussion, we came to realise that our emotions can change very quickly and as a result, we can experience a range of emotions throughout the day.  As a class, we watched a short movie clip centred around feelings and we talked about the different ways in which we can show emotion. We came to the conclusion that we should always try to express our emotions because holding them in can make us feel worse.   Following this, Miss Rainey encouraged us to think about how we can manage our emotions; we tried counting to ten and practising some breathing exercises. Finally, in groups we acted out different scenarios and showed our peers how best to deal with difficult situations and emotions. 

Instructional Texts 


Linked with our Egyptians topic, we have been planning and writing instructional texts based on how to embalm and mummify a body. To introduce this style of writing, Miss Rainey gave out a set of instructions and asked us to follow them. She also read some instructions aloud and we were tasked to draw a picture based on what Miss Rainey was saying. These enjoyable activities helped us to realise how important it is to be specific and clear when writing instructions. We also looked at various examples of procedural texts and discussed what makes a good set of instructions; this was very useful when it came to deciding on the success criteria.  Along with Miss Rainey, we used our whiteboards to write a procedure for brushing your teeth. It was very useful to share this experience with our teacher because we got a better understanding of exactly what Miss Rainey was expecting. 
Following this, we spent some time researching the process of embalming using topic books and the laptops. We noted down anything of importance on a circle map which we later used to help us to write our instructions. After writing a first draft, we made improvements and typed our texts using the laptop and added a relevant picture. 

Shape Poems

In pairs, we researched, planned and drafted a topic-based shape poem.  Following a session of modelling by Miss Rainey and exploration of other shape poems, we began by searching through books and the internet to gather any relevant information which we noted down onto a circle map.  Using our planning and a template provided by our teacher, we worked with our peer to create a shape poem about ancient Egypt.  With the help of our teacher and by talking through the success criteria, we made any adjustments necessary in order to improve our work.