Community of Enquiry 

At the beginning of the year, Mrs Alcorn introduced us to the concept of CoE. Through group discussions, it encourages us to think more deeply about various topics which are based on a stimulus material such as a book, video, poem or picture.  

We spent the first few lessons learning the rules, exploring themes and experimenting with different types of questions including philosophical questions.  
We recently enjoyed our first go at a CoE which was based on a video depicting a little girl carrying water from a well.  We discussed themes centred around culture and poverty which linked with our topic of ‘Diversity.’ 


Toffee is an Irish Doodle.  She is a big dog but very gentle.  Toffee has been visiting schools, community groups and residential homes.  She has passed her behaviour assessment and is fully insured as a therapy dog.

Week 1

Pupils should be able to:

  • identify their feelings and emotions
  • explore their self-esteem and self-confidence

Week 2

  • recognise worries and fears in stories
  • explore how to express their fears and worries
  • develop a coping strategy when feeling afraid and worried

Week 3

  • recognise and identify anger
  • explore how their actions affect others
  • develop a coping strategy when anger occurs