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World Around Us Topic - Titanic 

During Term 2, we would be learning about the Titanic as part of our World Around Us studies.  Unfortunately, we are unable to do this because of lockdown.  However, I have provided suggested topic-related activities and attached some links below to websites which I think you might find useful if you want to carry out some learning of your own based on our topic.  *Please note, these activities are NOT compulsory. 

I would love to see some pictures of your topic studies; please feel free to email those to me. 

  1. Research ‘Samson and Goliath.’  Draw up a timeline of the building of Titanic. 

  2. Check out the interior of the ship. What differences do you notice between first class and third class accommodation? 

  3. Use junk materials to construct a 3D model of the Titanic. 

  4. Using Google Maps, explore the planned journey of the Titanic. Roughly where did it sink? 

  5. Listen to this Music - which do you think was playing in first class and which was playing in third class?  What differences can you hear? 
  6. Investigate: ‘How do large and supposedly heavy icebergs, such as that which struck the Titanic, not sink? 
  7. Draw and paint a picture of the Titanic based on the work in artist ‘Ken Marschall.’