"We could learn a lot from crayons; some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull while others bright and some have weird names but they all have learned to live together in the same box."  -Robert Fulghum 


In our first topic, 'Diversity,' we are going to focus on and learn about four different countries. Through the subjects of History, Geography, Science and The Arts we hope to broaden our understanding of different cultures, faiths and habitats. 


Geography - Maps

We have been developing our map skills and in turn, our understanding of place by using Google Maps to explore different areas of the world. On the interactive whiteboard, Miss Rainey used 'street view' to look at WPMPS; we found this very exciting!  After, in groups, we pinpointed various locations on a blank map of Northern Ireland. 

PDMU - Council Diversity Programme

 As part of our topic, 'Diversity' we have enjoyed a four-week programme developed and presented by the Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council.  Each week, P6/7 had the opportunity to meet and engage with people from four countries, including India, China, Bulgaria and Poland. Through various games and activities, the children have been able to learn more about different cultures and backgrounds from a primary source.  This programme has been a fantastic opportunity for the children to broaden their horizons and become more aware of and accepting of different cultures and religions within our local communities.  

Science - Volcanoes

As an introduction to our first topic, 'Diversity,' we have been learning about Northern Ireland.  Recently, we learned that scientist's believe that the Giant's Causeway was formed by a volcanic eruption.   In groups, we have planned and started to construct a 3D junk model of a volcano. Following the construction, we will attempt to erupt each volcano by causing a man-made chemical reaction. 

See below for updates...

Our finished volcanoes and the explosions...

Science - The Eiffel Tower

Recently, we found out that during the Summer the Eiffel Tower increases in height by 6 inches! This sparked lots of questions and thoughts about why this happens.  As a class, we are conducting different experiments to attempt to find the answer...

Firstly, we have learnt that within the three states of matter there are particles. These particles can come in various forms.  Secondly, in groups we talked about how states of matter can change when we heat or cool them. This results in a change in the formation of the particles.  Could this answer our question?  

Keep an eye on this page for the conclusion of this science experiment...

Art - French Painting

Within this topic, we will be learning about France.  In Art, we have been drawing and painting self-portraits using a technique called 'Pointillism.'  This technique was founded by the French artist, George Seurat in 1886.  We decided to use the top of our paintbrushes to create the 'dotted' effect. 

Keep an eye out for the finished pieces which will be going on display outside our classroom but for now, do not disturb - artists at work! 

ICT - Northern Ireland PowerPoint

As part of our topic we have been developing our ICT skills by planning, designing and presenting informative PowerPoints about Northern Ireland. This activity gave us the opportunity to work as part of a team, enhance our research skills, increase our confidence and improve our skills in using the PowerPoint programme.  As a class, we evaluated each PowerPoint; discussing two things we liked about each presentation and one thing that could be improved.