Me - Designer Made

"God gave you a fingerprint that no one else has, so that you can leave an imprint that no one else can." - Keith Craft 

'Me - Designer Made' is a topic which aims to encourage children to get to know more about themselves and their peers. Throughout this topic we will explore various concepts such as emotions, health and wellbeing, growth and change and diversity amongst people. It is hoped that by the end of this introductory topic, P6/7 will have developed a better understanding of themselves, a sense of respect for others and a recognition that we are all different but that's ok! 

Growing and Changing 


Following the completion of our 'KWL board,' there was a clear interest in the funcitioning of our bodies.  Together, we watched an interesting video based on the formation and growth of the human body. We learnt that babies inside the womb grow at a very fast rate but our growth rate slows down significantly once we are born. Throughout our lives we will all experience 'growth spurts' but by the age of 25, we should be fully matured. 

Following on from the video, the children researched questions of interest in groups and reported their findings back to the class. One group told us that our brains are 90% formed by the time we reach the age of 4 years old.  

As a class, we have decided to carry out an experiment based on the average rate of growth within P6/7. Miss Rainey constructed a growth chart and we were all measured. Over the coming weeks, we plan to monitor our growth.  You can see our chart displayed in our classroom. 

Our School


As part of our topic, we worked together in groups to create a 'photostory' all about WPMPS. We discussed key features of the photostory including text, background music and pictures.  Following planning, each group spent time taking pictures inside and outside school.  Then, we worked together to create the video and presented the finished product to our peers.

My Timeline


We created a timeline of our lives to date using pictures which we brought in from home.  Along with Miss Rainey, we discussed the different features of a timeline. Using a sequencing map, we planned our layout and then constructed the timeline on A3 paper.

My Pulse Rate


In groups, we researched and explored various organs inside our bodies and following this, we decided to carry out an experiment based on our heart rates.  As a class, we predicted what we thought would happen to our heart rates after exercise.  We measured our pulse at rest and after exercise and found that our prediction was correct; our heart rate increases as we exercise.