Using Mathematics

Mental Maths 

Each morning, P6/7 participate in mental maths activities, such as counting around the room and playing games on the interactive whiteboard.  Not only do these activities engage and prepare us for the lesson ahead but they also enable us to develop our skills in all areas of maths.


Recently, we have been learning about and working with fractions.  P6 have been extending their previous knowledge of fractions by learning how to find equivalent fractions and simplify.  Furthermore, they have learnt how to find a fraction of an amount, which is a very useful skill.  P7 children have been applying their knowledge of equivalent fractions to solve problems and have also been learning about mixed and improper fractions. They have been practicing converting from one type of fraction to another.  P7 are preparing to perform simple operations with two fractions such as adding and subtracting.  

Area and Perimeter 

Refreshed from their Christmas break, P6/7 have been getting stuck into area and perimeter.  In a practical context, we began by estimating and counting squares to find the area and perimeter of items around the classroom.  We have now progressed to learning and using the appropriate formulas and can work out the area and perimeter of both regular and compound shapes.  

Our work on area and perimeter helped to lead us onto the topic of 'volume.' Initially, using centicubes, we explored length, width and height practically.  We then progressed to learning and applying the formula for volume. 


We have been learning about angles. P7 have benefited from revision of angles and their definitions whilst P6 have enjoyed learning something new.  We have been applying our knowledge of angles to help us to find missing angles in triangles, quadrilaterals and on straight lines.  In a practical context, P7's have been learning how to use a protractor to measure angles and draw angles of a certain size.


2D Shape - P6

In P6/7 we have been enjoying lots of practical and written work based on shape. Miss Rainey has also been encouraging us to use mathematical terms such as congruent, perpendicular, parallel and adjacent.

P6 have been focusing on 2D shape; exploring properties such as angles, diagonals, lines of symmetry and tessellation.  They are now ready to progress to learning about 3D shape.

3D Shape - P7

P7 have been exploring the properties of 3D shape by constructing their own models of various shapes and by investigating the nets of shapes including prisms and pyramids.  They have also been learning about symmetry and reflecting shapes using mirrors.

Place Value 

During the beginning of the new school year, we have been learning to read, write and order large numbers within the area of 'place value.'  Through both practical and written activities we have been able to extend our knowledge of the number system.  We have also had the opportunity to use our understanding of the value of numbers when rounding in order to estimate the answer to calculations. 

Data Handling 

In P6/7, we have been developing our ability to collect, represent and interpret data by constructing line and bar line graphs. Furthermore, within this area of Maths we have been encouraged and enabled to develop our mathematical language by discussing, describing and comparing graphs.