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CLASS OF 2023-2024

Class Teacher: Miss Marshall 

Class Assistant: Mrs C McCaw


            Miss Marshall                             Mrs C McCaw

Welcome to Primary 4/5!

In P4/5, we are taught by Miss Marshall and our Classroom Assistant is Mrs. McCaw. We have a busy year ahead and lots to learn!


This year, in World Around Us our first topic is all about food!  What a fun and exciting topic all about where our food comes from, healthy eating and the ingredients within food. 

We have also:

  • Learned about different food groups and how our bodies need many different nutrients to function.
  • Discussed how we can look after our physical and mental health, and how food/exercise can impact this. 
  • Designed our own Eatwell Plate and looked at the Food Pyramid.
  • Designed a healthy lunch
  • Used Microsoft Word to create information posters based on various food groups such as fruit and vegetables, carbohydrates, dairy and protein highlighting their benefits
  • Created 'fruit face' self portraits inspired by the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo
  • Explored food journeys including how milk and cheese are made and the journey of chocolate from the rainforst to the shops
  • Made slow cooker hot chocolate

In Literacy this half term, we have enjoyed reading our class novel, 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. We have based our Literacy learning around our class novel and our topic 'Food, Glorious Food.'

We have:

  • Written a topic-based sensory poem about our favourite fruits.
  • Developed our sentence writing by using adjectives.
  • Explored the features of writing a character description and created our own 'Pen Pictures' based on characters from our class novel.
  • Explored explanation texts and created a piece of writing explaining how chocolate is made. 
  • Explored procedural writing and wrote a recipe for slow cooker hot chocolate.

We have also learnt how to identify and use a variety of grammar and punctuation rules such as: identifying nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs, capital letters, full stops and commas, apostrophes and plurals. 

In Maths this half term, we have been exploring place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, length, 2d/3d shape and calendar work. 

Some of the activities we have done are:

  • Recognising numerals, words and solving problems with numbers up to 9999.
  • Rounding to the nearest 10,100, 1000. 
  • Used deines to explore carrying over and exchanging when adding and subtracting. 
  • Played a variety of times table and division games such as, TT Rockstars, hit the button, table splat and other board games. 
  • Explored methods for written multiplication and P5 learnt how to multiple by 10 and 100.
  • Went on a shape hunt around school and used the bookcreator app to showcase our learning. 
  • Designed a wanted poster for a 2D shape of our choice.
  • Used a variety of tools such as, a metre stick and trundle wheel to measure length within our classroom. 
  • Learnt a variety of rhymes and methods to remember the months of the year and solved problems involving our calendar. 

Some of our other classroom routines include:

  • Multisensory spelling carousel activities to help us learn our weekly spellings.
  • Using accelerated reader to develop our reading and comprehension skills. 
  • Daily mental maths and literacy practice to improve retention of concepts covered in class.
  • Children have access to our class calm corner and mood tracker. 

Other areas of learning include: ICT, PDMU, P.E., Handwriting, Music and R.E.



Here are some photos of what we have been doing in P4/5 recently.